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Massage Therapy

Massage is a hands on technique that aids in the relaxation of your muscles. Through relaxing your muscles this enables your body physically to remove any aches or pains that your getting, it also aids you mentally with the feel good factor and enables you to be prepared for all the things life throws your way.

A massage has numerous benefits on the body and aids in the following:

• Relieves muscular tension
• Increased muscular tone
• Improves circulation
• Removes toxins from the body
• Aids faster recovery times from training or competition
• Helps to prevent injuries occurring, such as overuse injuries e.g. runners’ knee.

At Redcar Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic we believe everybody deserves a great customised massage. This is why we now offer flexible appointment times to fit the busiest of schedules, and with our trained therapists we will be able to suggest the best form of therapy for your individual needs.

Contact the Redcar Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic for the various massages that are available.


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